Monday, March 19, 2012

Birthday Gift Fun Bags!

Okay, I'm about to leave for the airport to fly to Alabama, but before I do I wanted to like a few things. I had a wonderful time in Boston with friends. As part of my month-long celebration, I had a joint birthday/St. Patty's Day party with my friend Will V. Meg gave us each fantastic gift bags, filled with a few of my favorite things.
- A plastic water gun.
- A mustache mask.
- Temporary tattoos.
- A cush ball.
- A "Happy Birthday" shot glass.
- Sparkly star sunglasses.
- A spoon that, when you put the spoon part in your mouth, makes it look like you have a really long tongue (unfortunately Will has the pictures of these spoons on his camera, so I can't show you right now).
I feel like I'm missing something, but still,  so many fun things!

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