Thursday, March 15, 2012

month-long birthday celebration leaves little time for blogging

Dear readers, I am not going to make up excuses for being such a forgetful blogger this month. And I have to admit that this whole month might be a little light on blog posts. Apologies, and promises of an active April, are all I can offer.

I found this site because my blog is referenced! A picture I stole from the internet and used without crediting the source! I don't know how I feel about it, but I like the rest of the pictures so much!

2. On my new computer, or in the most recent iphoto, there is this feature where you identify the faces of the folks in your pictures. Super stupid and pointless, right? I know it is, but I am now kind of addicted to it. The best part is when it messes up in its identifications, especially since I have so many pictures of Nicaraguan children.
Some favorites:



4. Allow me to list for you all of the things that were wonderful about my birthday weekend (okay, it would be impossible to list all of the things, here are some of the things):
- A late night drunk dial from Maggie and Chez wishing me happy birthday first thing.
- Aaron and Natalie visiting.
- Waking up in the morning and watching this video first thing:

- Diner breakfast.
- Climbing around in the gorge behind my house.
- Potluck with a few favorite people.
- Homemade chocolate cake with raspberries.
- Baby wearing my birthday tiara.
- Good wine and beer.
- Not having a committee meeting on Sunday, as I had feared I might.


6. The guy in line in front of my at Walmart (don't judge me, I needed to buy a cooler to transport the beer in my fridge leftover from the weekend and it was the only place open) saw that I only had a few items and let me go ahead of him in the only open check out line in the store.

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  1. For being a sparse poster right now, you kind of outdid yourself with this one. Fabulous stuff!