Monday, March 5, 2012

sadf ddfaty

ROn RSatyuERdfay ercverningh, i was cvleraningh my laptyop wityh nail polish ERmocver on a q tyip. tyhis is how i always cvleran tyher suERdfacves, ity woERKs pERtyty werll. erxcverpty tyhaty tyher nail polish ERermocver was ghertytyingh low, so i tyilerdtyerdf tyher bnotytyer tyo werty tyher q-/tyip, andf pERocvererdferdf tyo spill a small abmounty ontyo my laptyop. ity woERkerdf dfoER a litytyler whiler, andf tyhern tyehr mouser styaERtyerdf dfERakingh outy. ercverntyually tyher mouser cvalmerdf dfown, bnuty tyhern i dfiscvocvererdf tyhaty my kerybnoERadf apperaERERdf tyo bner intyoxicvatyerdf. womp womp.
i'cver ghadf tyhis cvomputyer dfoER dfouER yeraERs, andf hacver bnerern cvonsidferingh bnuyingh a nerw R(ERbdfuERbnisherdfR) oner dfoER a wrhilre. i ghuerss tyhis was justy a push in tyhaty dfiERcvtyion. i'm tyeringh tyo dfererl erxcvityerdf abnouty a nerw cvomputyer, andf noty ERally anghERy/sadf/dfissapointyerdf in my serldf dfoER sucvh a styupidf mistyaker. on tyher bnERighty sidfer, idf my laptyop hadf tyo sudfdfer, aty lerasty ity is pERtytyy hilaERious.

Translation (using external keyboard):
On Saturday evening, I was cleaning my laptop with  nail polish remover on a q-tip. This is how I always clean the surfaces, it works pretty well. Except that this time the nail polish remover was getting low, so I tilted the bottle to wet the q-tip, and proceeded to spill a small amount onto my laptop. It worked for a little while, and then the mouse started freaking out. Eventually the mouse calmed down, but then I discoverd that my keyboard appeared to be intoxicated. Womp womp.

I've had this computer for four years, and have been considering buying a new (refurbished) one for a while. I guess this was a push in that direction. I'm trying to feel excited about a new computer, and not really angry/sad/disappointed in myself for such a stupid mistake. On the bright side, if my laptop had to suffer, at least it is pretty hilarious.

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