Saturday, March 3, 2012

the stupidest happy kid on the block

1. I just really love Ellen, and Michelle Obama.

2. This article about bullying, being bullied, and who we blame for it.

3. Anti-Oppressive Baby Animals. There is a Tumblr for everything.

4. Wind.

5. Free wine. Ithaca is the Land of the Free Wine. Love it. 

I love love, for example,

its diminishments and renewals,
I love being the
stupidest happy kid on the block.
So good to find them:
the people who’ve
discovered fraudulence in their lives
who’ve cast off, say
a twenty-year lie.
Those who’ve gotten away from me:
read this, and call.
Those whom I’ve hurt:
I wanted everything, or not enough.
It was all my fault.
I love the number of people
you can love at the same time,
one deep erotic love,
radiating even to strangers,
cynics, making a temporary sense
of the senseless, choreful day.
Listen, my truest love.
I’ve tried to clear a late century place for us
in among the shards.
Lie down, tell me what you need.
Here is where loneliness can live
with failure,
and nothing’s complete.
I love how we go on.
Stephen Dunn, From ‘Loves’

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