Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Caine's Arcade

1. If you have the kind of internet that lets you watch videos, watch this one. I'm so serious. If you don't have the kind of internet that lets you watch videos, go to the site anyway and read the story & look at the pictures, then bookmark it and watch the video when you get the chance. I've watched it twice today already and happy-cried both times. 

2. Today, Baby kept on picking up these Easter bunny ears leftover from the weekend. When I put them on him, he would immediately pull them off. But when I wasn't looking, he would try to put them back on, balancing them precariously on top of his head.

3. Katniss Everdeen, a New Type of Woman Warrior


5. Recently released albums that you should be aware of:
- My Head is An Animal by Of Monsters and Men (only recently released in the USA, but you've probably heard their single "Little Talks")
- The Lumineers, self titled album


Ghost Elephants

In the elephant field
tall green ghost elephants
with your cargo of summer leaves

at night I heard you breathing at the window

Don’t you ever think I’m not crying
since you’re away from me
Don’t ever think I went free

At first the goodbye had a lilt to it—
maybe just a couple of months—
but it was a beheading.

Ghost elephant,
reach down,
cross me over—

- Jean Valentine

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