Thursday, April 5, 2012

Inadvertently Teaches World How To Spell 'Ridiculously'

1. Ridiculously photogenic guy goes viral. 
From the article:
And as with any good meme, the photo has quickly spawned a number of altered versions of the original photograph, with users adding their own text, such as, "Goes For Run: Inadvertently Teaches World How To Spell 'Ridiculously,'" and "Photobombs Wedding Picture: Nobody Minds." And maybe the best one yet, "Picture Gets Put Up As Employee Of The Month: For A Company That He Doesn't Work For."

2. Yesterday was the 44th anniversary of Martin Luther King Junior's assassination. Here is Michael Skolnik's piece "From Martin to Martin: Hoodies Up on the Mountaintop." If you are able to, scroll down to the bottom and listen to Skolnik's reading. 

3. Readers, I have a story to tell you about horrifying Easter Bunny costumes. The year was 2009, and I was living in Derry, Northern Ireland for my semester abroad. My placement was at a shelter for battered women, and one day I was helping out in the creche (what they called the day care). They happened to be having an Easter Party that day, and upon my arrival, one of the women in charge started excitedly talking about the Easter Bunny (it's hard to understand Derry accents, even more so when the speaker is excited). Before I knew it I was in a closet putting on a HORRIFYING costume. To make matters worse, they didn't have rabbit feet, so they decided to make me wear these gigantic pink gruesome rubber human feet. 
Like these, except pink.
The kids were upset enough by my costume (some cried), and when I tried to comfort them, a  look of deeper puzzlement and disappointment crossed their faces: the Easter Bunny was American. Poor kids. 

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