Monday, April 2, 2012


1. A f/Friend and fellow Earlhamite, Micah, has recently been posting heteronormative puns on facebook. Because not all of you have the pleasure of seeing them yourselves, here is what he's come up with so far:
The only reason you can think of that two dudes would share a sleeping bag is to keep from freezing to death? That's hetero-warm-ative!
Your bro tells you he just got some sweet action and you assume it was with a chick? That's hetero-score-mative!
Refusing to interpret any of your culture's myths as stories about queer relationships or queer sexuality? That's hetero-lore-mative!
Assuming that a man and a woman wearing matching pullovers are a couple, but two women wearing matching pullovers are just BFFs? That's sweater-onormative!
Another horror movie about an awkward guy who becomes a serial killer and gets revenge on all the girls who rejected him by gruesomely murdering them? That's hetero-gore-mative!
Explaining why lightning strikes by describing attraction between different electrical charges, then drawing a metaphor to sexual attraction between different genders? That's hetero-storm-ative!
Assigning college students to same-sex roommates on the assumption they won't be attracted to each other? That's hetero-dorm-ative!


3. It's long, but this is a worth reading article about the murder of Trayvon Martin. The article aims not to provide commentary, but a picture of what went down, who was involved, and the specific context of the event.


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