Wednesday, May 9, 2012

all this unbridled joy has given me quite an appetite

Today started out as a kinda tough day. North Carolina passed an act banning same sex marriage (not that it was legal there in the first place), which is a bummer. It cheered me up a bit to see this video though, and know that queer & ally North Carolinians aren't giving up.

Then, President Obama went ahead and declared that he believes gays should be able to marry. This made me feel better. A lot better. I am forgoing listing other things I like so that I can explain why I see this as something worth celebrating.
Some folks are gettin' their panties in a twist about this, and it's a legitimate twist. Of course, those are just words on our president's part, while he has taken very few actions to back them up. Of course, the state of gay rights in our country is like this, with steps being taken every day to further discriminate against LGBTQ folks. OF COURSE I want our President to put his money where his mouth is.

But please, consider where his mouth is. To my knowledge, we have never had a sitting president express support of gay marriage. Here's the kicker: it's an election year. Obama is running for re-election, so everything he does now is going to be a political move. Think about it. The smartest political move was for him to come out in support of marriage equality. Our country is at the place where more people will support Obama for this statement than not. Something is going right. At some point, during all of the defense of marriage talks, gay teens killing themselves en masse, hate crime legislations getting voted down, Don't Ask Don't Tell getting repealed, something has shifted. This could mean something really awesome. 

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