Tuesday, May 22, 2012


2. Will Smith raps "Fresh Prince of Belair."

3. Tadao Cern takes portraits while blowing a whole lotta air in peoples' faces. Brilliant.

4. Message from Chez I received tonight: "blog. and i love you."

5. So there's this cat, named Bub. Here is Bub's explanation for why she is the way she is:
"I’m not 100% sure, but I believe I have several goof-ups that make me especially amazing. I am a perma-kitten by genetic defect, which is why I have a deformed jaw (and why my tongue’s always flapping around) and probably why I have no teeth. I may also be a dwarf, because my legs are very short and bowed. Additionally, I am polydactyl on both my front and rear paws, which means I have extra toes, which make my feet look huge and awesome. My front paws have not one, but two opposable thumbs. I also have a really fat and long tail, and a long, slinky, serpent-like body. But please don’t feel bad for me, I know I look good, plus I’m extremely smart and happy as shit. PEACE."
Bub has this huge internet following, because she looks like this: 

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