Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Honestly, I'm just glad that I'm not anyone's father.

1. I got a new pot for my jade plant, Sir Teacake Rochester of the Fall Creek Rochesters. Lots of room to grow. My sister's response to learning the name of my beloved plant:
"Teacake Rochester. You're like me, on crack."
I'm not sure if she means that she and I are alike in that we are both on crack, or that I am like she would be if she took crack, but either way I like it.*

2.  The first time I saw this video, I didn't like it. I guess it was partially defensiveness - "I don't want this to represent my nuanced experience of emerging adulthood! I don't have a briefcase!" I also resented the explicit reference to the fact that my life is a third of the way done. But every time I watch it I like it more and I am now able to at least enjoy it for what it is.

3. Here's another song about being 24. Kind of.
Lyrics here.

4. This article: TV Makes Girls Feel Like Crap About Themselves, But Does Wonders for White Boys

5. If you have a Hulu account (it's free) you can have new Ellen clips added to your queue daily.

6. The English language is missing some words. Like a word for when the lettuce in your salad is too big to fit in your mouth. Or the particular sensation of getting toothpaste in your eye. Here are 25 words that exist in English, but do in other languages. It was exciting to actually know some of these words. Who said you'd never come to any use, Japanese Psychology class I took sophomore year!

*Please note, neither my sister nor I have ever been, or are likely to ever be, literally on crack.