Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Let me go pee before I answer that."

1. You can vote for my cousin again with one click.

2. I went to Indiana this past weekend, to see some folks graduate from Earlham and reunite with some of my favorite people. It was overall a really fantastic weekend. Here were some fun things:
- Long drive and bonding time with Will V. during which we started a band called "rewingbackburr" and came up with an album name and song titles.
- Two breakfasts at the Main Street Diner, and one at 5th Street Bagel.
- Buda using the 2nd book of the Hunger Games to open a beer.
- Five hours in the Super8 with Buda watching Ellen videos, drinking beer, crying, and getting temporary tattoos.
- Pizza on the porch of Rowntree.
- The reunion of the Party Police.
- Sitting in adirondack chairs at the back of commencement, eating double stuffed mint oreos, drinking kombucha, not caring very much about anything else.
- Not being in college anymore.

3. Maurice Sendak died today. I imagine that everyone and their mom will be writing about what Maurice Sendak meant to them. The answer is a lot. I'm not going to try to articulate it further, except to say that when you treat a kid like they matter, like an adult, they will remember you. I won't be forgetting Maurice Sendak any time soon.
You should, if you are able to, watch these interviews with Colbert, Part 1 and Part 2.


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