Wednesday, May 2, 2012

million friendly gold huddlings

1. When sitting on the changing table without his shirt on, Baby plays his belly like a drum.


My Place
- Franz Wright

      for Beth 

Rain land, walnut blossoms raining
where I walk at sixteen 

bright light in the north wind 

Still sleeping bees at the grove’s heart
(my heart’s) till the sun 
its “wake now”
kiss, the million 
friendly gold huddlings
and burrowings of them hearing the shining
I hear, my only 
cure for the loneliness I go through:


I believe that one day the distance between myself and God will disappear.

3. Amazing artwork by Amy Dover.

4. This is from the internet, I have no idea who to credit for it, but I love it:

5. Tomorrow I'm driving to Indiana with Will V. for Earlham graduation (really mostly to see the Rowntree ladies that will be in town too). Road trips mean that I can justify buying candy from Wegman's pick-and-mix. Let me tell you about the candy section at Wegman's. It is magical. There is a toy train that goes along a track above it. And so many choices in bulk candy. Oh man. A great find today were gummy toy soldiers. I was a little anxious that the check out lady was going to judge me for buying nearly two pounds of gummy candies, but she was almost as excited about it as I was. Wegman's, I will miss you. 

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