Wednesday, June 13, 2012

sometimes the blues is just a passing bird

1. Today, walking through Fall Creek (a neighborhood in Ithaca), I saw a box on the front steps of someone's house, with the sign "Free Garlic Scapes!" So I helped myself to some free garlic scapes.

2. Sculptural artwork by Samuel Salcedo. Heads up - it's not graphic, but some of it might be considered disturbing to look at. Chez, it would probably make you itchy.

3. Today I put a new pair of shoes on Baby. He took a step, and squeaked. He tentatively took another step, and squeaked again. "Oh God, Baby," I said laughing, "I think those shoes squeak on purpose." Baby started laughing too and started to do a little quick step dance, and then ran all over the first floor laughing and squeaking.

4. The Tallest Man On Earth has a new album out. Listening to it, I became reacquainted with this song, which I just think is the best:

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  1. I love that garlic scapes got a shout out on the blog. Also, I think that I will begin commenting instead of writing on your facebook about this wonderful blog. Love you.