Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lost in Rhode Island

The following is a text message conversation between Natalie and me, as we drove in separate cars  from separate places to FGC Gathering in South Kingston, Rhode Island. We both got lost in the same place and somehow arrived at the exact same time. (I only texted when I was stopped or at a light, just so you know).

Me, 3:17 pm: I'm tired of driving.
Natalie 3:24 pm: I wish I had AC.
Natalie 4:15 pm: Are we there yet?
Me 4:18pm: I might be there in the next hour. I have no concept of Rhode Island geography. I don't even know if I'm in Rhode Island.
Natalie 5:13: I'm feeling the same way. Wherever I am, there are som great road names.
Natalie 5:23: Woonsocket.
Me 5:29pm: Looooost
Natalie 5:30: Noooo
Me 5:34pm: Lost in Newport.
Natalie 5:36: Do You have a map?
Me 5:40pm: Girl I am two islands too far.
Natalie 5:43: Oh honey.
Me 5:44: Nice man gave me directions. I just went toooo far.
Natalie 5:58: So you are on the right track now?
Me 5:51: I have no idea. Got confused again stopping to pee and ask someone else.
Me 5:51: Wherever I am, I'm not far.
Me 5:52: Smallest state in the union and all that.
Natalie 6:06pm: So lost.
Me 6:10pm: Oh god me too.
Me 6:14pm: A sign just said entering South Kingston!
Natalie 6:20pm: I wish I could teleport to you.

Eventually, we each found our way.

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