Wednesday, September 19, 2012

belly fire

"And of several things of which I'm almost positive, one is that if I live to be an old woman, I won't be sitting on my porch berating myself for having leapt into a swimsuit to swim in warm ocean water at every opportunity even though my thighs were dimply."
- Anne Lamott, "Traveling Mercies"

2. A High School English teacher taught me and my friends to eat cupcakes this way, and I've never looked back. Listen to me. It is the best way to eat a cupcake. You can hold it like a sandwich, grasping it from the top and the bottom. You get the same amount of icing in every bite. Just try it. You'll thank me.

3. I've shared this recipe before but I really must again. Whole wheat bread with crystalized ginger baked in. If you like ginger, this is like the holy grail. Eat the bread with some honey, or (ideally) peach jam.

4. This Quaker meme (thanks Laura/facebook)!

5. This little guy just wants to be friends with Spiderman.

6. Pretty cute.

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