Friday, September 28, 2012

Jailbreak the Binary

Somebody posted this google chrome app on facebook that claims to give you a gender free internet experience. Curious about what that would look like, I downloaded it. It consistently cracks me up, much like my Sherwood Forest message alert tone.
As an experiment, I wrote "Girl. Woman. Dude. Man. Penis."  on Natalie's wall.
This band is actually called "Of Monsters and Men."

"Mom's Chicken Soup"

"She's crazy, am I right?"

"Man oh man"

"Oh my God."
It should be noted that this app does not change how the things that I write appear to other people on their computers, nor does it affect gmail. I recommend it, for the laughs, and also because it makes you think about how common gendered language is. It's also good practice using non gendered pronouns!

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