Sunday, September 30, 2012

no more than home

1. Say what you will, but I love me some Mumford and Sons. The new album came out last week, and it is perfect listening for this rainy weekend.

2. Felisa sent me some pictures she took after the Femme Show last weekend. Here's me and Natalie in our coordinated outfits with some coordinated beer.



I know this body is impatient.
I know I constitute only a meager voice and mind.
Yet I loved, I love.
I want no sentimentality.
I want no more than home.

- Robert Creeley

5. I was just cleaning my room and found the little notebook that I wrote my "Rules for My Own Damn Self" in. I've added a new more rules since I last shared it, so I thought I'd go ahead and put them all in one place, for your convenience:

1. Always leave the party right after you've had the most fun.
2. Tell the people that you love that you love them. Especially before hanging up the phone.
3. Never say "I love you" if you don't mean it.
4. You don't have time for people who don't have time for you: 3 strike rule. (This is mainly about potential friendships/relationships. Established friends don't count).
5. Have time for the people you care about.
6. Always replace an empty toilet paper roll, or inform someone of the situation.
7. Leave a space better than you found it.
8. If you say you'll do something, do it.
9. Know who your friends are.
10. When it comes to doing the right thing, pretend that money doesn't matter.
11. Don't loan money if you can foresee resenting it if it's not returned. Also, think about your motivations for your generosity.
12. Always be stronger than they think you are.
13. Don't take naps after sun down.
14. Unplug everything before going away for more than 24 hours.
15. Homie don't play that game.
16. Keep in touch.
17. No caffeine after 5pm if you have something you need to get up for in the morning.
18. If you hurt someone's feelings, apologize for it (your intention should never be to hurt someone, so even it was the unintentional effect of an intentional action, apologize because you didn't mean to hurt them).
19. Offer help even if you doubt that you can be helpful.
Most things make you feel worse when done on an empty stomach.
21. Change them with kindness.
22. Bring food to share.
23. Re-examine the roots of your beliefs and assumptions on a regular basis.
24. If someone challenges your beliefs or assumptions, try to see it as a chance to find more clarity.
25. Don't apologize for your emotions. Be accountable for your actions.
26. Don't feel bad for needing to take care of yourself (eat, sleep, pee, have self-space). Don't take it personally when other people need to take care of themselves..
27. Make things.
28. Be polite, gracious, and friendly to waitstaff, retail clerks, and check out people. 
29. Tip well.
30. Say "Thank you" and "have a nice day" like you mean it.
31. Beer before liquor, NEVER BEEN SICKER.
32. Tequila is only okay if it's the only alcohol you're consuming that night.
33. Do what you can do.
34. Eat at least one naturally green thing with every meal.
35. Where you are going is almost never so important that it's worth getting a ticket or endangering yourself/others. Drive safely.
36. Never become immune to beauty.
38. Do your best not to perpetuate the systems that oppress you or others, but recognize that feeling guilty isn't in of itself productive.
39. The time and energy spent on hating your body would be better spent on pretty much anything else.
40. Don't be afraid to ask questions, but don't do it unless you're gonna listen.
41. Save listening to songs on repeat for when you really need it.

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