Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gettin' My $7 Worth Out of That Squash

1. 20 Female Photographers (some nudity)

"Candy Cigarette" by Sally Mann
2. Gangnam Style around the world.

3. Tomorrow is National Coming Out Day. What an interesting holiday. Here's Mondo's coming out story. 

4. Woah, way to be, Expedia. 

5. While we're on the subject of coming out and parents, a quick shout out to my mom for providing tasty and nutritious snacks for the Gay Straight Alliance every week in High School, for surreptitiously leaving  queer literature on my bed, letting me use her amazon account to buy every lesbian young adult novel I could find online, and for sending me newspaper clippings about gay people having kids for my 20th birthday. 

6. I am soon to be reunited with my sisters. Pumped.

7. Got a butternut squash? In the past week, I got three dishes out of one butternut squash:
- Red lentil and butternut squash curry soup (use a whole can of coconut milk, a lot more water, a little garam masala, and toast an crunch whole spices if you can. I also baked the squash first and then scooped it into the soup - A LOT easier than peeling and slicing the whole thing raw ).
- Butternut squash baked risotto (loosely followed this recipe. Used brown rice, onions instead of shallots, no wine, and no fresh thyme. Still delicious. Again, baked squash first).

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