Monday, December 10, 2012

The air is no longer safe.

1. This song.

2. This picture from the Super Hero party we went to a week or so ago. 
I was Ms. Frizzle!

3. Spending the weekend with friends I've had for 14 years. Secret Santas, bowling, and the Robin Hood with the foxes.

Georgia Capria
5. This slays me. 

6. The 50 Best Animal Photos of 2012. I started to try to choose my favorites to share, but really you should just look at them all.
This one almost made me pee myself, though. I'm not normally scared of sharks, cuz they do their thing and I do mine. My thing, in general, does not involve being under water. Now they have entered my plane of existence.

7.  Last Thursday we went to see Mummenschanz. Mummenschanz is this Swedish puppet show / performance art piece that's been going for forty years. I didn't know what to expect, because I watched this video, and was like "How can somebody watch 2 hours of this?" But no. It was fantastic. These blobs and shapes tell stories about emotions without language, mostly without faces, and sometimes without letting you know how a human body is even involved. If you get the chance to see it ever, do it.

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  1. The animal photos entertained me and a co-worker for quite awhile today. Thanks.