Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

1. DJ Earworm does these mashups of the year's top pop songs every year. This is the best one, I think, since the glory that was 2009.

2. Similarly, here's youtube's ode to 2012:

3. Been loving the collaged cartoons by Philippa Rice lately.

4. Giant swings! I went to the Ann Hamilton exhibit at the Park Ave Armory this weekend, and it was the best thing! The swings were great, and the building alone was worth seeing. It was like an enchanted castle!

To the New Year

With what stillness at last
you appear in the valley
your first sunlight reaching down
to touch the tips of a few
high leaves that do not stir
as though they had not noticed
and did not know you at all
then the voice of a dove calls
from far away in itself
to the hush of the morning

so this is the sound of you
here and now whether or not
anyone hears it this is
where we have come with our age
our knowledge such as it is
and our hopes such as they are
invisible before us
untouched and still possible

- W.S. Merwin

Jacob Sorkin

Alright friends, real talk (you get to read this because you made it to the bottom of the post): I've neglected my blogging duties lately not because I'm super busy, but because I'm not doing so hot. It's nothing permanent, or that you should be worried about, and it's nothing melodramatic like "I don't like anything anymore." I'm just a little paralyzed right now, which makes even simple things like listing things I like seem overwhelming. I'm going to try to keep blogging, cuz it's good for me, but please forgive me if my posts continue to be infrequent. 

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