Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tall Ships

1) For the past 5 Christmases, I've asked for a ship in a bottle kit. For the first few years, I think people thought I was joking. After a while, my sister and her partner Tom started researching ship in bottle kits, but couldn't find a well reviewed and affordable kit. So get this: Tom made one. He did the research on building them, built one himself, and painstakingly created a kit and instructions for me. The man drilled holes in toothpicks.
Here are some pictures from my ship in a bottle building experience:

Full disclosure time: I embarked on this voyage when I was in a dark place. As I worked, this project began to represent a little more than a ship in a bottle, so a lot hinged on its success. The universe being what it is, after gluing my ship inside of the bottle I pulled the string to raise the masts and the strings broke. Womp womp. It's not unfixable, but I decided to put it on a shelf until it doesn't represent my emerging adulthood. Someday soon!

Joshua Petker - Untitled (Sailing I), 2011
3. Back in September, I doodled this little ship:

This weekend, we found this dish towel in a cutesy kitchen store on Centre. Coincidence?

acrylic on paper by Laura Meilman
New Storm, from Fair Isle by Antonia Small