Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Things I Like

1. Straight up spoonfuls of nutella.
2. Peeling dried glue off a finger.
3. Singing alone in the car.
4. Getting into a bed with newly washed sheets when you yourself are clean.
5. When the end of a song perfectly corresponds with the end of a car/train/walking trip.
6. Ice cold water.
7. Arriving somewhere to find dinner waiting for you.
8. Old book smell.
9. Realizing that you have all of the ingredients to make something you want to eat.
10. Catching the train.
11. Not having to set an alarm for the morning.
12. Random encouraging text messages.
13. Fresh vegetables.
14. Remembering your dreams, and they were awesome.
15. Hand-me-downs.
16. Being asked for directions and knowing the answer.
17. Crunching acorns under your heel.
18. Coconut milk.
19. Realizing that you've finally gotten over that cold.
20. Someone really wanting to hear you talk about something you care about.
21. Kids in line at the grocery store.
22. Strangers' friendly dogs.
23. Pickles.
24. Leftover wine.
25. Homemade beer.
26. When you hear a new song and immediately know it's going to become a favorite.
27. Netflix Watch Instantly.
28. Peanut noodles.
29. Feeling useful.
30. Non-creepy smiling strangers.
31. Mixing ice cream with your spoon to the perfect ice cream soup consistency.
32. Cuddling with a cat.
33. Finding things you thought you were lost forever.
34. Knowing where things are in your grocery store.
35. Sea glass.
36. Putting a fried egg on things. Food things.
38. Old pictures.
39. Peeling off nail polish.
40. Showers with consistent water pressure and temperature.
41. Wind.
42. Warm rain.
43. Honey.
44. When the train or subway car stops so that the door is right in front of where you are standing.
45. Getting your boots off without pulling off your socks.
46. Keeping your feet warm under someone else's butt.
47. Making wishes at 11:11.
48. Dogs that remember you.
49. Snail mail.
50. Using your filled-up coffee punch card to get the most expensive fancy coffee drink in the cafe.

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