Monday, February 25, 2013

ships in lightbulbs

1. This kids have got it (thanks, Ella).

2. This fantastic article about being body-positive and self loving while exercising.

3. The Nu Project - a beautiful photographic series of nude women of all body types, races, and ages. Contains nudity, obviously.

4. This weekend we went to the USS Constitution Museum, where my friend Laura works. We got a tour of the ship, which was awesome, and also got to see their current model ship exhibit. The best part was that I got to talk with a model ship builder. He had great advice on my ship in a bottle concerns. It was also just great to talk to someone who taught himself to make awesome model ships! The coolest!
in lightbulbs! new life goal

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Keep your kids away from pussy willows

1. When a group of people waiting to cross a busy road decides, without speaking, to band together an cross en masse. Overheard today as we crossed and a car honked: "What are you honking at me for? I'm in a crosswalk. Shoot, you hit me, I get paid!"

2. This song. Catchy in the I-know-I'll-be-sick-of-it-in-a-week kind of way.

3. Overheard in the Otolaryngology department:
- Where are all of these kids getting pussy willows from?
- Well I just hope that Bambi doesn't get killed in the waiting room today.

4. This kid, who was told he couldn't deliver his speech on marriage equality, getting national attention.

5. I can't get over this drawing.
Skeletal by Darkthur

Monday, February 18, 2013


Here's the soundtrack for your art day post viewing:

Also, I'd like to recommend the art blog So Super Awesome. It's where I find a lot of the art that I share here. Y'all should check it out.

More AWESOME illustrations by Yelena Bryksenkova here.

2. Book sculptures by Justin Rowe. This one is the Wind in the Willows.

3. I don't know if I shared Fairytales for Twenty Somethings yet, but it's the best.

Specimin Rings by Anika Smulovtiz

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tu Chiste

1. We recently got a toaster in the break room at work. Apparently this has been a long struggle, involving many debates over fire code. It was such a big deal in the office that everybody was buzzing about it for days leading up to its arrival, we had a ribbon cutting ceremony. No joke.

2. Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces. I don't have a feminist or philosophical reason for why I think this is the greatest. Just that humans are at once beautiful and really fucking weird looking, and I think that's great.

3. Some folks have started up "I need Masculism because..." in response to "I need Feminism because." Womp womp. Luckily, there are people like this in the world too:

No Soy Tu Chiste, a poster series by Daniel Arzola

5. I feel like I ought to follow up on #3, lest it seem dismissive or reductive to make light of such a complex issue. So here's an Allan G. Johnson quote from the Gender Knot that articulates it pretty well:
Men’s misery does deserve sympathy, but not if it means we ignore how men contribute to that misery, where it comes from, and what men get in exchange for it. It’s all too easy to go from sympathy for men to forgetting that patriarchy and male privilege even exist. Part of what makes it so easy is misunderstanding what privilege is, where it comes from, and how it is distributed. Many men argue, for example, that men are privileged only to the degree that they feel privileged. A key aspect of privilege, however, is to be unaware of it as privilege. In addition, even though men as a group are privileged in society, factors such as race, class, sexual orientation, and disability status affect how much privilege each man gets to enjoy and how he experiences it. 

Privilege can take many forms, and its distribution among people in a society is a complicated process. Privilege can be something as simple as being heard and taken seriously when we say something, of being served promptly and courteously in a store or restaurant, or of being free to move around or express an opinion. It can take the form of wealth or power or having other people clean up after us and take care of our needs. In every case, what makes something privilege is the unequal way in which it is distributed and the effect it has of elevating some people over others.

6. And to lighten things up... 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snowy Winter Days and Summer Art

1. Theme song of February! February is a short month, but is is cold and feels very long when you're waiting for spring. This song will help you dance through it. I challenge you to not to dance a little when you listen to it. 

2. Last Saturday, there was a huge blizzard in the Northeast. For one day, Boston was transformed into a pedestrian city covered in snow. Walking around in the middle of the street, seeing cross country skiers and kids plays and dogs in booties, I loved Boston more than I have yet.

My back door. 
Perkins St.
Boyleston and Stonybrook Station.
I saw this Irish flag stuck in a snow bank from a distance, that's how I knew the pub was open.
3. Pancake Tuesday! This week I celebrated my fourth pancake Tuesday. It's my favorite Tuesday, and maybe my favorite holiday. 

4. I saw this painting in the Peabody Essex Museum a few weeks ago and it blew my mind. Seriously. 
Passing Angel, a Life, Summer Diary (1985-87)
by Gulammohammed Sheikh
 5. Have you watched this video about men undergoing a labor pain simulation yet? You should. It's subtitled, but don't let that deter you.