Saturday, February 16, 2013

Snowy Winter Days and Summer Art

1. Theme song of February! February is a short month, but is is cold and feels very long when you're waiting for spring. This song will help you dance through it. I challenge you to not to dance a little when you listen to it. 

2. Last Saturday, there was a huge blizzard in the Northeast. For one day, Boston was transformed into a pedestrian city covered in snow. Walking around in the middle of the street, seeing cross country skiers and kids plays and dogs in booties, I loved Boston more than I have yet.

My back door. 
Perkins St.
Boyleston and Stonybrook Station.
I saw this Irish flag stuck in a snow bank from a distance, that's how I knew the pub was open.
3. Pancake Tuesday! This week I celebrated my fourth pancake Tuesday. It's my favorite Tuesday, and maybe my favorite holiday. 

4. I saw this painting in the Peabody Essex Museum a few weeks ago and it blew my mind. Seriously. 
Passing Angel, a Life, Summer Diary (1985-87)
by Gulammohammed Sheikh
 5. Have you watched this video about men undergoing a labor pain simulation yet? You should. It's subtitled, but don't let that deter you.

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