Monday, March 25, 2013

what you're gonna teach your son


The House Across the Street from the Westboro Baptist Church is Getting a Rainbow Paint Job


"You Made Me I & II" by Pan Hawkes

3. The recent case of the Steubenville rape is of course incredibly upsetting, but what has come out of it are some great discussions of rape culture and how far it has permeated our society. Some of the best pieces that I've seen are the following (Trigger Warning):
"The fact is that once these boys enter the prison system, even ​in juvenile detention, chances are that they will return to it. It will, with little doubt, fuck them up more than they are already fucked-up. They will not likely emerge from prison as two well-adjusted men who respect women and understand that sexual assault against them is not okay. That's not what prison does for people. "
The truth is that I am someone’s wife. I am also someone’s mother. I am someone’s daughter, and someone’s sister. But those are not the things that define me, or make me valuable in this world. Those are not the reasons that I should be able to live a life free from rape, sexual assault or any kind of violent crime.
"Your vulnerability should not invite assault and attack of your body or your spirit. And so I am sorry, because  we have failed to teach your male peers that they have no right to touch you without your consent or to use you to meet their needs or to discard you if your victimization does not fit their life plan. I am sorry we have failed you."

4. This poem isn't in response to Steubenville, in fact it was written quite a while ago, but it's a heartbreakingly articulate description of rape culture (Trigger Warning):
Text here.

5. A little something from Phillipa Rice to leave you on a happier note:

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