Tuesday, September 24, 2013

for the one you love

1. According to the Onion, Hell is Now a Thriving Epicenter of Gay Culture
2. Welcome to Night Vale. Have you been listening to Welcome to Night Vale, the podcast? There's a good chance that you should be.  It got me through this summer. You can download episodes for free on iTunes. It also has a fantastic twitter

3.  There have been a bunch of great spoken word videos making the rounds this summer. Here are two that I liked in particular:


4. If I were ever to get a tattoo of a comic strip, this would be it.

So friends, I am back. Thanks for continuing to check this blog all summer long (demonstrated by the fact that this blog's traffic has not decreased at all over the past 3 months), for gently reminding me to update it and understanding when I said it wasn't gonna happen. It's happening now. I love you all, every single little Russian robot searching for pictures of otters.

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