Thursday, September 26, 2013

Kind Cabbies

1. Last night Natalie and I took a cab home. I don't take cabs often, but it made sense under the circumstances. We had a lovely ride, in which we spoke with our cabbie, Francois, in French, Spanish, and English about his life. Once I got home, I realized that I'd left my phone in the cab. This morning I called different cab companies and finally found the right one, got Francois' cell number, and found my phone. He even came to drop it off at my work. Swell guy.

14 Year Old Photographer Zev does some pretty amazing stuff
3. Today as I waited for the T someone next to me was tapping their foot in exact rhythm with the song I was listening to on my headphones.

4. This is the song that's getting me out of bed these days.

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