Sunday, January 26, 2014

Alright, dear readers, the time has come. It's been a great three years with this blog, and it is time to move on to other things. This blog will stay here for you to revisit as often as you care to, but I will no longer be updating it.
Do not despair! There are numerous reasons to not get upset over this:
1) I started this blog during a time that I really needed to remind myself to stay positive and think of likable things. Now my life is so filled with likable things that I just don't have time to keep up a blog like this.
2) You are all the best. Thanks for reading this, encouraging me, and sharing things to like. I know that this blog has been important to a number of you all as well, which why...
3) I'm starting a tumblr for occasionally sharing likable things. It's a different format, and may be less personal than this here blog has been, but it will be there for y'all. AND you can submit to it! You know what I like: art, poetry, music, recipes, gay shit, and otters.

Love you!